Cyber Competitions

What Are Cyber Competitions?

Cyber competitions challenge participants' competencies in a wide range of areas including penetration testing, forensics, and cryptography. Most competitions use a capture-the-flag (CTF) format in which competitors obtain flags by solving challenges and submit flags to score points

National Cyber League, which Nevada Cyber Club competes in each semester, features challenges in the following categories: Cyber competitions are one of the best ways to get hands-on experience in cybersecurity. Many competitions are free, so all club members are encouraged to get involved.


Information about upcoming cyber competitions and our team plans is provided at general meetings. If you know about a competition that we haven't talked about, please let us know!

Nevada Cyber Club typically pays for competitions registration fees (such as for NCL) and travel fees (such as for Wicked6 or CyberSEED) on behalf of its active members. Active membership is determined by past competition participation, and, starting in 2020, participation in FSC-CTF.

Competition Results

National Cyber League


9.NCC-HOGBryson Lingenfelter
Sara Davis
Nate Thom
Cameron Gibson
Dusty Barnes
10.NCC-1701Ignacio Astaburuaga
Chance Harrison
Jordan Andrieu
Clifford Richardson
Simon Shrestha
289.NCC-74656Ian Grant
Trish Ryan
Brooke Lanier
Yash Shah
Yohan Martinez
Andrew Flangas
Madelyn Klupfell


4.Bryson Lingenfelter
12.Ignacio Astaburuaga
65.Chance Harrison
119.Jordan Andrieu
252.Ian Grant
272.Clifford Richardson
284.Sara Davis
347.Simon Shrestha
371.Trish Ryan
496.Brooke Lanier

SANS Cyber Fasttrack Spring 2020

3.Bryson Lingenfelter
5.Edgaras Fyodorovas
358.Jordan Andrieu
492.Trish Ryan
594.Chance Harrison
599.Brooke Lanier